How to Dodge the How Many Girls Have you Screwed – Question and STILL Have her Wanting You

When chics find it hard to mind their business it can be frustrating. You trying to get laid and so you try to be on your best behaviour. But women who just won’t let sleeping dogs lie can really prick the skin! Sometimes, you just wonder what they would do with this information. Are they planning on selling it to a sleazy tabloid? Here are ways to dodge those intrusive questions and retain your sanity, at least parts of it (lol)

Change the topic

Change the topic that is the one that ranks on most lists for men. If she starts to ask ‘how many girls have you screwed’ or something like that, tell her ‘I need a refill do you want another’. You can also tell her you need to go take a piss. By the time you come back, leap into a Hollywood type lie that happened to you or your best buddy.
If you are good enough with your fairy tale she might not recall her question. And might be reeled in by other things you might say or expose about yourself.

How Many Women Have You Slept With?
Avoid awkward situations, change the topic

Scout’s Honor

How is the best way to dodge the ‘how many girls you have screwed’ question. Well, you just don’t. You can come out and give it to her straight. Your bluntness might tell her to quiet up. If you have racked up an impressive number, she might want to try out your skills to see what women see in you.

Too much info

If you value your privacy, contain the type of answers that you give. If you don’t you throw open the doors for even more questions.
So when she asks you a question, answer back in not so many words and steer the conversation somewhere else. Try a topic that most women would find interesting.

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