is a dating website, and is one of the largest on the internet. There have been mixed reviews about this website, but the entire user experience is not worth the money at the end of the day. This is one of those hit-and-miss dating websites that give no guarantee that you will get what you are looking for.

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Since you are paying good money to be on a dating site, you want a site that guarantees that you will meet the kind of women that you want. This is not the case on Although there are some good things about the website, you are better off spending your money on something that guarantees results. You might be wasting your money here.

If you are seriously looking forward to find your soul mate or simply someone to hook up with, there are better options that you might want to consider. – Why You Should Use It

The main thing that attracts online daters to is the large number of users. The website currently has over 20million users. Although this might seem like a huge number, less than a ¼ of the members are real women. This, therefore, gives you a very small chance of actually meeting someone that matches your criteria.

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Don’t bother with British users have had really bad experiences on this dating site. Click here for a list of the Best dating sites in the UK

Something else that seems attractive at first glance on is the features that you get access to on a free subscription. You can view profiles, pictures and even chat with other members that are online. You will, however, not get any responses. You might be tempted to go for a paid subscription to increase your chances of meeting that special someone. You will, however, soon realize that there is no big difference between the paid version and the free version. You still won’t get what you are looking for. Website Features: A Review

One of the few pluses of is that they actually have some pretty good features. Here are some of the great features on;


The search feature on gives you a lot more options to get exactly what you are looking for. You can search by age, gender, sexual orientation, sexual preferences and a lot more other options. With this kind of feature, you are more likely to get exactly what you are looking for.


There are a number of photo options, including photo albums for paid members. You can also upload videos as well as view other member’s videos. This is great if you want to want to get to know someone.

the support for is actually quite helpful. The problem, however, is that your questions will be addressed according to your paid subscription. Gold members, for example, get first priority from support. Un-paid members have to wait for the longest to get their issues addressed, and this could take a couple of days.

Although the features are fairly good as to be expected on a website of this kind, it still might not be your best option, especially if you are looking for a long-term commitment. Members: What to Expect

When you actually get down to it, is not all that good. Yes, there are over 20 million users. Once you take out the number of men, fake profiles, perverts, scammers and others, you are left with very little to work with. This becomes painfully obvious once you have paid for your subscription.

Something else to consider on is that it mainly attracts members that are looking for quick sexual encounters. You can expect married people on this site looking for some excitement in their lives. If you are looking for something solid or a commitment, is definitely not the place for you.

There are also a lot of time wasters on Most free subscribers actually turn out to be time wasters, especially the women. They simply sign up, take a look around and maybe flirt with two or three guys and then disappear. This can be very frustrating especially if you are looking for a date.

There are also a lot of fake profiles and scam artists on the website. This is especially risky for the members. You have to be very careful about who you talk to on the site. This is a huge problem on, and you are better off finding another more ‘serious’ dating website to sign up to.

You will also get emails from hot women claiming that they like your profile. These are fake profiles and simply want to get you to sign up to other dating sites. There are also a lot of hookers on the site under the pretence that they are looking for love. All in all, this is not a serious dating website, and you are better off looking into other options.

Parship – How Much It Costs

There are a number of different options depending on your budget or what you are looking for. The charges for Parship are as follows;

  • Free sign up
  • Gold Membership (1 Month) – $29.95
  • Gold Membership (1 Year) – $130.99
  • Silver Membership (1 Month) – $18.99
  • Silver Membership (1 Year) – $88.99

Although the site is free to sign up, you will have very limited options on a free membership. To access the main features and get to meet girls, you have to sign up for either the silver or gold membership. The gold membership has the most perks, including priority support, access to photographic journals, blog, magazine and much more. Review – Conclusion

All things considered, might not be the best choice of a dating website for you. There are a few perks, but what matters at the end of the day is whether you meet someone or not. You are less likely to find a date on If you are lucky to meet one, she probably won’t be exactly what you are looking for, and you will basically have to settle.

Spending your hard-earned cash on a website means that you need some sort of guarantee that your investment will pay off. There is no such guarantee with You will soon realize that you might have wasted your money a few weeks down the line when you have not made any headway in getting a date. is also not a serious dating website. If you are serious about finding a date, there are other options to explore. The website is rife with sex-crazed perverts, and this can make for a bad user experience. You might have a lot more luck on a serious dating website.

There is also the issue of scammers and fake profiles. Your personal information might not be safe on the website. Although support does try to take down fake profiles as fast as possible, it is still not enough to protect you. All in all, should not be your first choice for a dating website. You have very little chance of getting the kind of woman that you are looking for. It is simply too big a risk to take with your hard-earned cash. If you are seriously looking for a date, is simply not the place to find a suitable companion.

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