How to get her phone numberGetting her to give you her phone number can often prove to be tricky. You might not be sure whether she will give it to you. Furthermore, no one likes rejection. There are a few things that you can do to make sure that she gives you her number.

If you are smart about it, you will get her number. You need to find out what women want, and how you can initiate contact to make sure it leads to her giving you her phone number. There are three simple tips that you can use to make sure that she gives you her number. Once you have it down, it will be easy for you to get her number.

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1. It all starts with the first email.

You cannot simply ask a girl for her phone number without getting to know a little about her. If she does not respond to your email in the first place, then there is no point of you reading on how to get her number. You have to start from the beginning and do it right.

Your first email should have a good subject line that catches her attention. The introduction should also be good, and so should the message in the content. You need a personalized message that she is going to enjoy reading. The message should be for her only. Avoid copy and paste or sending the same message to many different women. This will do nothing to improve your chances of getting a date.

Confidence and humor is very important. Remember that women can smell insecurity, and this is a huge turn off for them. Make sure to be confident without coming off as cocky. A few clever jokes here and there will also help you to win her favor, although you should not over do it.

Avoid cheesy pick up lines and pictures of your genitals. Vulgarities also have no place here. Keep it clean and friendly. Being vulgar or giving graphic descriptions of what you would like to do to her will do nothing to improve your chances of getting a girl.

Also remember to be original. She most definitely has many other guys contacting her, and so you want to set yourself apart from the rest. Being original is your best bet at landing the girl whom you have been eyeing. Keep it short enough to grab her attention, but long enough to show her that you are genuinely interested.

2. Keep it going

Once you have gotten her to reply to your email, you need to keep things going. You should have laid the ground work for your conversation in the first email. Talk about what you have in common based on what you have gathered from her profile. She will want to talk to you about things that you are both interested in.

Keep things polite but friendly. After a few emails talking about your shared interest, get a little more personal. Find out what she likes and what she is about. Find out what she is passionate about and what other things you have in common.

Get to know her without being too personal. Furthermore, leave out some things to talk about for your actual date. This is not the time to find out how many guys she has slept with. Keep things as light as possible, while at the same time learning new things about her.

Try your best to get her number as quickly as possible. It could take a little of time, but don’t wait too long. Remember that at this point she is still looking around and talking to other guys. Your main task is to make sure no other guy takes her number before you.

3. Ask for her number at the right time

Ultimately getting her number is a matter of timing. Do not ask for her number immediately. Show some genuine interest in her and she will have no qualms about giving you her number. Another great pointer is to get her to talk about herself in your subsequent emails and make her at ease talking to you.

When it actually comes to get her number, be tactful about it. Do not ask for it out right. Say something like “I have tickets for (shared interest) this weekend. Maybe we could enjoy it together.” Keep in mind that confidence is everything. You do not want to sound like you are afraid of her saying no. She will pick up on this immediately. Be tactful and she will happily give you her number.

The hard part is not actually how to ask for her phone number, but knowing when to ask for it. You will know when the time is right, you do not need to stress or obsess about it too much. If she is showing a real interest in you, then your chances of getting her number are very good. Other tell-tale signs of when the time is right is that she is genuinely happy when you send her emails. If she often compliments you on your sense of humor or something like that, you are definitely in the game. If she also takes a short time to reply to your messages, that’s another great sign that the time is right to ask for her phone number.

If the overall conversation has been taking a positive slant, then you can be sure that you are in the game. If you carefully follow the above tips and pointers, you can be sure that you are going to get her number in no time!