is a dating website primarily meant for heterosexuals. It is a great place to meet a potential date, and is generally favored by people looking for a long-term commitment. The concept for DateNation is also different from what you would expect from a dating website, which makes it all the more popular.

The site actually works by hooking people up according to how compatible they appear to be. Rather than go around looking at thousands of profiles trying to find your best match, UK actually does all the work for you so all you simply need to do wait to get matched up.

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A lot of work and research has gone into making this site, and this really shows with the features and the success rate. It really is a wonderful dating site for those that are serious about getting hooked up or meeting that someone special. This is a serious dating website, and is actually very successful in hooking people up.

Why You Should Use it

There are many reasons as to why you should choose as your preferred dating website. The site is primarily for Christian dating, which makes it particularly great to be on. There are also no time wasters, and the profiles are real, which is a great thing. People of all ages can find true love and companionship here.

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A kit if research (35 years worth) has gone into developing the website and the compatibility system that is used to find the perfect match for you. Rather than go through other members profile and photos, you will automatically be matched with someone that you are compatible with.

This really is a different and successful way in which singles are now able to hook-up with other members. It is a great opportunity to meet up with singles in Manchester or Bristol and really enjoy dating. UK is a modern and nice approach to online dating, and you will immediately feel comfortable once on the site.

Website Features: A Review

There are some great features that make UK an absolute pleasure to be on. The features make the website that much more pleasing to be on, as well as making it easier for you to finally get that match that you have been looking for.

Compatibility System

The compatibility system is an obvious feature that really defines the site. The system is based on years of research, and has taken a lot of time and effort to develop. The results have often been very rewarding for members as they get to meet people that they are really compatible with.

Possible Matches

Another great feature is the number of possible matches. You will be alerted on your email every time there is a match for you. Since the dating site is doing all the work for you, you can be able to get away with not being on the site every waking hour. There are some exciting possibilities here, and you will always want to know who your next match will be.


In addition to this, the support at UK is terrific with handling any problems or queries that you might have. They are also friendly, and this is a website that is definitely Christian based. The support team is also very professional even when you want to unsubscribe to the service, as well as being very helpful. All in all, it is a great website that is definitely worth checking out. Members: What to Expect

Being a Christian British dating website, it is expected that the crowd here will be strictly heterosexual. If you are looking for same-sex partnerships, this might not be the website for you. The members are all very friendly, and are sincerely looking to be matched up with other singles.

We were able to get a couple of dates set up. When you get the message that a match has been found for you, you can immediately get into contact with your match, and begin to know each other. Most times you will not even get to see what your match looks like until you actually send them a message or ask to see their profile.

The great thing about UK is that the emphasis is on finding someone that you are truly compatible with. If you are looking for a hook-up with no strings attached, this might not be the place for you. The British members on are serious about finding true companionship, and are willing to look for it online. How Much It Costs is actually a great website to be on, and very affordable considering that you stand the chance of meeting your soul mate. Membership plans also reduce in cost as you go along, which is always a great thing. The pricing has been listed below.

  • 1 Month Subscription: $59.95
  • 12 Months Subscription: $251.40 (20.95 per month).

It is very unlikely that you will meet your soul mate in the first month, and so you might want to think for a subscription that lasts longer. The best value for money is the 12 month plan. Under this plan, you can make significant savings. The cost also goes down as you go along, meaning that you pay much less at three months of being on the website, and make even more savings as 12 months of being on the website.

You can also hold out for a while before paying for your subscription. You will usually get a coupon offering some great discounts. You can be able to save a ton of money on your subscription in this way. The payments are flexible which a great thing is no doubt. You can also make the 12 months membership payment as a single payment, and make some great savings in this way. Review – Conclusion

For heterosexuals looking for the chance to meet someone special online, the place to go is United Kingdom. This is an all round great website and the crowd is serious about dating. This is a great opportunity to meet someone special, and really make things happen in your love life.

Everyone is also very friendly and open to meeting new people. It is an easy going experience being on UK, and an experience that you will definitely like. No matter where you are, you will be able to find someone in your area that you will fall in love with, and really make things happen.

All in all, there are some great things to say about If you are looking for a website where you have the chance to find true love, this is the place for you. another great thing about the site is the compatibility system. This ensures that you are matched with someone that you would get along with great. It is an opportunity to have a special relationship without to put in all the work in finding someone special.

There are people getting married everyday that met on UK. The website has an incredibly huge success rate, and everyone has only but good things to say about the site. The pricing is also very affordable and flexible. is a great website that you will live being on. There really is nothing stopping you from finding the love of your life today.

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