The Dating Rules For British WomenOnline dating is great no doubt, but only if you do it right. There are rules to keep in mind when dating online. If you want to find the right guy for you, there are some special details that you will need to pay attention to. You also need to be able to spot players. All this information is provided here to help you have the best possible experience when dating in England, and help you find your right guy. Here are the 10 most important dating tips for women.

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1. Know what kind of talk turns a man off.

Men are most definitely wired differently from women. There though the process is completely different, and what you might think is cute might not be so for him. The first dating tip is to know what turns men off. There is nothing that sends a man running faster than making future plans with him without even getting to know him first.

Men will generally not be looking for a soul mate at first. They simply want someone who shares the same interests as them, and ‘see what happens.’ It seems that men are simply not wired to think about the future or make future commitments for the future. Keep your thoughts about getting married and having kids to yourself, for the time being. Do not talk too much about your future, or he will simply run off.

Something else to avoid doing is talking about sex too soon. You might be surprised, but this is a big NO when making the initial contact with potential suitors. It is true that men are thinking about sex most times, but do not encourage him. Once you start talking about sex, his main ambition will be to get you into bed. All thought that he might have had about getting to know you better go out the window.

Men also do not like to have it handed to them. As contradictory as it might seem, men actually like the thrill of the chase. They like to think that they have ‘earned’ it. Keep the sex talk for future conversations. Get to know him first before bringing up the topic.

2. He is not interested in your bad luck with men.

There is nothing that men hate hearing more than all men are the same. You never know, this guy might be exactly the kind of guy whom you are looking for. Being negative will only push him away, and he will soon be looking for someone else to talk to.

Avoid talking about your bad experiences with men in your first contact with your prospective date. He is not interested in knowing how the guys before him have messed up. And in all fairness, he should not have to pay for the sins of his brothers so to speak.

Being whiny is a huge turnoff, and will definitely send him running at the first mention of your bad experiences with men. He might also think that you are the problem!

3. Let him put in the work.

You should only respond to men that are putting an honest effort in getting to know you. If he sends you a message that you suspect has been sent to others, do not respond to him. These are actually quite easy to spot. They sound impersonal and do not make any mention of anything that is on your profile. If he cannot take the time to read your profile and send you a message to let you know that he is genuinely interested, then he is definitely not worth your time.

This is also the easiest way of spotting players. They will often send the same message to different women. You can easily tell from the content of his message, whether or not he has read your profile.

4. Don’t consider men that don’t have a profile picture.

This is yet another way of spotting players. He could be married and doesn’t want anyone to recognize him. It also could be that he is not good looking at all! If he does not have a profile picture, then he might have something to hide.

A guy seriously looking for a date will take the trouble to complete his profile and upload at least one picture. If he doesn’t have a picture, he could be a time waster and not really serious about finding a date.

5. If he is rude, do not reply to his message.

Some men can be very rude on dating websites, and sometimes downright hurtful. If he is rude, do not reply to his messages. Some men expect you to send them a long reply, and if you don’t they get very nasty. Learn to ignore these kinds of men. Arguing is just childish and a waste of your time. Simply ignore the message and move on. Also delete them where possible.

6. Do not insist on a reply.

If he does not reply to your email, let him be. He is most probably not interested, and most definitely not worth your time. Do not be tempted to send messages begging him to reply or asking why he will not reply. It will make you come off as desperate and this is not a good look for you. Now this is solid dating advice for women.

7. If you have not spoken to him in a while, a short nice message will do.

It happens that sometimes you might lose touch with a guy whom you have been getting to know. He might think that you are not interested in him or do not have the time for him. A short message telling him that he crossed your mind today is a great way to get him talking again. Keep it short; you do not want to sound desperate. This will also do wonders for his confidence.

8. Don’t let him know that you have been looking at his profile.

If you talk to him about everything that is on his profile, you will come off as desperate, and he will not want to date you. Keep your emails relevant to what he has been talking about. Suddenly changing the subject is a turn-off for most guys.

9. Talk about subjects that he brings up.

Again, keep your email relevant to his last email. If he asked you, some questions about you, try to answer them as well as you can. Furthermore, be honest about yourself. It could be very awkward when you actually go out on a date only for him to find out that everything you told him was a lie.

If he asked you about hiking, don’t start telling him that your brother went to the same collage as he did. This shows that you are incapable of holding a conversation, and that you do not pay attention. Keep things relevant and interesting and he will want to talk to you again.

10. Let him contact you first.

Do not be tempted to be the first to contact him. You will definitely come off as desperate. Wait for him to contact you. If you share the same interests, he will definitely want to get to know you.

You also need to learn what kinds of messages deserve a response. If he contacts you to complement your “awesome rack” IGNORE THE MESSAGE and move on. You can expect a lot of perverts, and these could derail you from what you actually came to do on the site, which is to find your perfect date.

These are the best dating tips for women whom you can get out there. Follow these tips carefully and you will find exactly the kind of guy that you are looking for. Finding a great guy online is actually quite easy, but only if you follow these dating rules and do it right.