has been a big hit in the United Kingdom, and for a number of good reasons. It is a great website for members looking to find partners that share the same interest. This is a site for serious daters, and so you have a good chance of meeting that special someone here.

The website features also make it easy to meet women, and enjoy online dating. With an easy to use interface, definitely pulls all the stops to make the user experience as pleasant as possible. There are some additional special features that will be talked about later that you simply must take advantage of.

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There are additional reasons as to why we favor UK for those that want to get in touch with special people for a relationship. The site is built keeping in mind that people want to meet others that they are compatible with. That being said, the whole atmosphere on the site is very contusive and facilitates for finding love.

True love is difficult to find, particularly online, and is definitely the place to find love. If you want a real chance of meeting that special someone, this is the website to be on. – Why You Should Use It

As mentioned above, the main reason as to why people get onto is to find their soul mate, or at least find someone special to ‘see where things go’. The members are genuinely looking to find someone special, which makes it a great place to be if you are looking for a long-term relationship. If you are more into casual dating, there are better options, although there are still members that might be open to dating casually.

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Overall, the atmosphere on is friendly and fun. Everyone is simply trying to enjoy the dating game, making the atmosphere here particularly friendly. You can expect some nice responses, and attractive and well educated women. The quality of women here is spectacular, making the site a first choice for men looking for long term relationships.

The search feature on also allows members to find partners in the UK or in their area. You can also search based on race, age, location, interests and so on. This means that you will be able to find someone that meets your criterion, and that you will be happy with.

The pricing for the site is also very fair considering that you have a good chance of meeting your soul mate. Depending on the subscription you go for, you get access to some great website features that increase your chances of meeting that special someone.

Website Features: A Review

There are some great features on that make this website particularly useful in finding a date. The features are easy to use, and contribute to the memorable user experience on the site. Below are some of the website features that we found to be particularly useful.


The blog feature on is particularly great if you are looking to get your name out there and find a date as soon as possible. You get great advice on the best way to approach online dating. This advice will prove useful in helping you to successfully navigate in addition to this, you get access to all the new information and updates about the site.

Profile Creation

Profile creation on UK is particularly extensive. You can create an extensive profile to give prospective dates a good idea about who you are and what you are into. These profiles also prove to be valuable in helping you to decide who you might be most compatible with. it is definitely a great website feature to help you with online dating on the website.


Another great feature on UK is the support feature. The admin is particularly helpful. Like on most dating websites, you might find one or two fake profiles. These can be reported and will immediately be taken down. The support is also serious about your security, and is quick to establish and expel any threats from the website. Members: What to Expect

The ratio of guys to girls on the site is pretty decent, which gives you a good chance of finding a date. From our test results, (research done over a three month period) we were able to send out 360 emails to different women based on what we liked about their profiles.

Out of these 360 emails, we were able to receive 216 replies, and were able to set up 30 dates in London. Out of the 30 dates, 14 dates actually materialized into something meaningful. All the girls were intelligent, attractive and fun to be around. The quality of British girls on the site is unbelievable, and these girls are looking for someone just like you to hook up with.

We found the girls that we contacted to be very friendly and interesting. Most of the girls on here are fun and easy to talk to, which is always great to have on a dating site. By contacting as many girls as you can within a three month period, you can be sure that your efforts will pay off.

The best part is that we were actually spoiled for choice, which is difficult for a guy on the dating scene. The site is definitely the place to meet girls in London and set up dates, but you will have to put in the work! How Much It Costs UK is actually fairly priced by any standard. The fact that you can expect results is an additional factor that makes this website particularly good. The pricing for the website is given below in USD.

  • Standard Membership – Free
  • 1 Month Membership – $21.60
  • 3 Months Membership – $43.20
  • 12 Months Membership – $108

Like on most dating sites, there is a free standard membership. This is to allow you to check out the website and find out what is in store. The standard membership will however not be very helpful in your quest to find a date since you will not have access to most of the website features.

The 12 Months membership is your best bet. With this kind of membership, you can expect some great results. It is also more value for your money. The best way to guarantee finding your perfect match is to be on the site for at least a year. Although you will be able to go on a couple of dates in your first few months on UK, it might take a little longer than that to find your soul mate.

The 12 month membership is therefore highly recommended for members that are serious about finding a date, and finding true love. Review – Conclusion

We definitely loved The success rate on the site is more than you can expect on most dating sites. The crowd was also fun and easy-going, which made the whole dating experience particularly memorable.

The ratio of men to women is also not incredibly skewed, which gives you a good chance of finding a date. All it takes is a little extra effort and strategy and you will have the woman that you have been looking for all your life.

Online dating can be treacherous, but has pulled all the stops to make the dating experience as good as possible. You will definitely be happy with the results. Overall, UK is 100% recommended.

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