Xpress.com is a fairly new dating website, and has become extremely popular with online dating enthusiasts. It is an all round great dating website that helps users find their perfect match. The great thing about Xpress.com UK is that you can find exactly what you are looking for. The website is designed around the user experience, and this really shows when you are navigating the website.

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Whether you are looking for a serious committed relationship, casual dating or simply to make new friends, Xpress.com is your best bet. The site caters for all kinds of relationships. All you need to do is spell out exactly what you are looking for, and you can be sure that there is someone out there looking for the exact same thing. The success rate of xpress.ocm is very impressive, and is a great site to be a part of.

Xpress.com – Why You Should Use It

There are many reasons why you should use xpress.com for online dating. It is a great website to find singles that are interested in exactly what you are looking for. You can tell that a lot of thought went into making this site. Besides being aesthetically pleased, the Xpress.com dating website is also very practical.

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The website features a classy design, and attracts mature, classy singles looking forward to get hooked up. There is none of that ‘trashiness’ that you get on most dating websites. The user experience on xpress.com is simply perfect.

Xpress.com is also your best bet at meeting the person of your dreams. Whether you are looking for your soul mate or simply looking forward to go on a couple of casual dates, xpress.com is your best bet. The women on here are classy; and this really are the perfect place to meet women online.

Xpress.com Website Features: A Review

There are some great features on this website that makes it perfect for meeting your match. Features such as IM, emailing and video chat makes it easy to reach others and introduce yourself. There are also other great quality features that make xpress.com simply perfect for meeting your date.


Webcams are always great to have on a dating website. This is a great way to get to know your potential date a little more before the actual meeting. You can get a good look at her, get a feel of what she is like in person as well as hear what she actually sounds like. This could save you a nasty surprise once the two of you meet up. Webcams are also a lot of fun, and is a great way to get flirty and enjoy each other without actually being together.

Easy Signup

Xpress.com is also very easy to sign up to and get started right away. It takes only a few minutes to fill in and complete your profile. It is also very practical if you want to start your search for the perfect mate immediately.

In-depth profiles

The profiles on xpress.com also make it perfect for meeting dates fast and easy. The great thing about the site is that you can easily search the kind of date that you are looking for based on their profile. This is very convenient since you already have an idea of what kind of person you would like to meet. Incomplete profiles will also not rank highly on your search, which makes it even easier to find your perfect match. In addition to this, the profiles on Xpress.com give you a very good idea of what the person is like before actually meeting them.

Xpress.com Members: What to Expect

The success rate on xpress.com is actually very good compared to most dating websites of this kind. One major problem with dating websites is fake profiles and computer generated replies. The great thing about xpress.com is that you can be sure the profiles are real. This is a legitimate and high-quality dating website, and so you can expect none of that fake profile nonsense that other websites use to attract new members.

The girls on the website are also high quality and genuinely looking forward to meet someone. This increases your chances of getting yourself a date. There are also no hookers or escorts on the site as you will find on most dating websites. Measures have been taken to ensure that only people genuinely look for a match is active on the site.

There are also no problems with scam artists and such. The admin do a good job in screening and taking down suspect profiles. You can tell that the admin does a lot of work to ensure that you are safe.

There is also a good ratio of men to women on Xpress.com, giving you a good chance of finding your perfect match. It is also better than you can expect to get on other dating websites. This really is a great online dating website, and you can be sure to find exactly what you are looking for.

Our findings show that out of about 500 emails sent out, 35 lead-up to actual dates, and 11 to a physical relationship. This goes to show that you really have every chance of meeting a woman for a relationship or just for a casual physical relationship.

Xpress.com – How Much it Costs

When looking at how much it costs to be a member of Xpress.com, there are a number of plans to look at. The first is the basic plan, which is free. This basically lets you have a look around the site for free, and see whether you like it (which you most definitely will). This plan, however, does not let you contact women on the site. You can have a look at their profile, but you will not be able to contact them. You need a paid plan to be able to do this.

The silver membership is a step up from the basic. It allows you to contact women on the site, and have a look at their profile. This is a great plan if you want to meet women on Xpress.com. You also have access to most of the features on the site, and you will be able to set up dates with the silver membership on xpress.com.

The gold membership is the ultimate on Xpress.com. You have access to extra features to help your online dating strategy. This includes access to archives with member’s vides as well as access to webcam chatting and other great features to make it easier to find your perfect match. The details of how much the different plans cost have been spelled out below;

  • Silver- $29.95 (1- month membership)
  • Gold- $34.95 (1- month membership)
  • Silver- $19.98 per month (3 month membership)
  • Gold – $23.32 per month (3 month membership)
  • Gold – 12.50 per month (12-month month membership)

Xpress.com Review – Conclusion

Xpress.com is simply a great site for you to find your perfect match. The classy design makes you want to be on the site all the time. There are also high-quality girls here than you would expect to have on most dating websites. The girls are good looking, and are genuinely looking forward to hooking up with the right guy.

There is nothing bad to say about xpress.com dating site. This is a great dating website that is worth every penny. The superb user experience as well as the high success rates on the site makes it a truly great dating website. The features on the site are highly functional and make it easy for you to find exactly the kind of person that you are looking for. This is definitely one of the best dating sites out there, and is worth checking out.

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