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If you are reading this article, then chances are you are looking to get laid. This is no different from the vast majority of men on the internet looking at dating guides and blogs. We all want to get laid, and most of us are willing to do whatever it takes to get sex that night. However, we also often wonder how far is too far if you are trying to get sex that night? Is lying for sex ok? Is taking advantage of a situation appropriate? Is having sex with someone else’s girlfriend the right thing to do? These are all questions that can race through our minds, particularly when we are confronted with a hot girl who seems to be flirting with intent. There are many moral questions to be had, but values change from person to person, and it is not always clear which side of the line is the right side. However, the one thing that is clear is that the aim of the mission is to get laid. What it comes down to is what are you willing to do to get some. This article was not written to be a moral code, however it was written to help you get laid. If you are willing to take the risks and do what needs to be done, then you stand a good chance of making it all happen.

Flirty Tips and Lying For Sex

When it comes to seducing a woman into having sex with you, one of the most important aspects is her perception of you. Yes, looks matter to some degree, but women are intellectual creatures, and her perception of who you are as a person is considerably more important. This means that if you want to get laid you need to do whatever is necessary to make her see you as someone desirable so that she wants to have sex that night. This means that you need to create the perception in her mind that you are the kind of guy that she wants. Many different women have many different tastes, so there is no clear line that you can use that could guarantee you sex that night. However, if you are willing to start lying for sex, you can start to build that image in her mind as soon as you start talking to her. Listen to what she says, and then start flirting with intent. If she says that she likes guys with lots of money, then maybe mention how you just bought a new top of the line sports car. If she asks to ride in it, don’t panic, just say that you lent it to your nephew so that he could go on a date. Then maybe offer to buy her a drink. The point here is that you need to be responsive to what she wants and asks, so that you can tell her what she wants to hear. Before long, you will have her believing that you are the man of her dreams, and that is the kind of guy that usually gets laid at the end of the night.

Flirting With Intent to Get Sex That Night

Flirting is a big part of trying to get laid, so it is important that you do it with some thought and intent in how you expect to have sex that night. We have already established that if you are willing to lie, then you can start to persuade things to work out for you. However, you need to be careful with what you say and try to project towards the end of the night. This is not the long game, this is the short game with the goal to have sex that night. This means that if you can keep her on the line, and start setting things up for what happens after the bar, then you will be much more likely to get laid. Particularly if she has just met you, she will have no reference for who you actually are, other than your appearance and the things that you say. This means that you have a really good opportunity to turn yourself into the man that she desires and take her down the path that leads to you getting laid at the end of the night. Although lying for sex can work really well, it is also extremely dangerous. If you slip up and contradict yourself, or expose something about yourself that doesn’t fit the story, everything that you have been working towards can blow up in your face.

Flirty Tips to Help You Get Laid

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